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How can I update to a newer Version of Bizagi Process Modeler?

Hi all,I'm sorry to bother you, since the question seems very Basic. But is there a software-update function somewhere in the product? I found nothing, neither by searching the Software, nor the documentation...Thanks for the help!Regards Winni

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Dear Winni Oberkersch,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi. Our

product do not have an option for update because we release the new version and

with it we give a release note where you can find the information about the new

release and it is a user decision if apply or not the new version.Regards


I think what we "the community" are asking is -- will you please add a menu item to check whether we are running the latest release of the software, or have the software check if it is the latest. This way we can easily update our tool before asking questions that might already be solved in the current release.


Dear Derek,

Currently our product does not include this feature. We have modified this question to an idea so that the whole Bizagi BPM Modeler community can vote and discuss it. We want to make sure we solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider most important.