how can i publish to the sharepoint 2013?

i've been trying publish the process to the sharepoint 2013, but i've got the follow message:

"Error while establishing a connection to the server. Please verify that the information is correct."

Can somebody help me?



Dear Rafael,

You can publish your completed documentation and share it with your organization in the SharePoint format. Customize the output information for inclusion in your document by selecting the diagrams and the elements to be included.

Make sure you have SharePoint installed when you generate this documentation.

Bizagi supports SharePoint Services 3.0. Bizagi provides an intuitive wizard to help you through the steps to generate your documentation. Please check this article out and try to publish. Maybe you miss a step: Step by Step publish to SharePoint

In addition, please note our system requirements of the modeler to publish to SharePoint (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2010/2007 and Sharepoint Services 3.0). Your version is not supported by now, it will be included in a future release.




Juan, thank you so much for your feedback.

Would you mind if i aked more one help?

You've said that Bizagi may provide support to my sharepoint version in the future. You know when will it be this future release? It´s no necessary an specific date, but if possible, provide me some perspective.

Thank you so much.

My best regards.

Rafael Amaro


Dear Rafael,

We won´t have any date right now, As workaround you may do these steps:

  1. Publish your completed documentation and share it with your organization in Web format. For further information, please go to publish_to_web.
  2. Then, take this content and publish manually in SharePoint 2013.

Best Regards