How can I installed the version 3.7?

I want to see if I can installed the version 3.7 as the new version has some quality issues when exporting a model as an image.

Thanks for the help

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Hi Jhon,

We are sorry you'd had so many issues with the 3.8 version. Would you consider downloading the latest version of the modeler (version, which fixes many of the issues found on the previous 3.8.0 versions?

Here is the link where you can download

Please, let us know if it works well with you or if we can help you with anything else.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura,

I downloaded the last version of Bizagi and it has the same issue. Any chance we can download a previous version that does not have quality issues when we export a model as image?

Thanks for your help,

Jhon Bastidas