How can i fix a BPM corrupt file?

Hi, I use the bizagi process modeler in a virtual machine on windows (i don't know if there is a bizagi por mac os, i'm new on bizagi). I was working in a project recently and one day suddenly i left the bizagi process modeler open and for some reason my laptop went off.When i restart my laptop and tried to open the bpm file which i was working, i receive a message like: "error loading model: the file is invalid or corrupt." I know that before the situation (when my laptop goes off suddenly) i did save the file, so i understand that there is no reason for the file to be corrupt.Is there anyway to recover this file?Regardsgiovanni

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Dear Giovanni,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi.

Could you send us the model presenting this issue to modeler@

Please specify us which version you are using as well.

Best regards,


hi, i am facing the same problem. i have sent across the bpm file to ur mail id. pls get back asap as it is an important document. thanks


Dear Niharika,

We have received your file. As soon as possible, our support team will answer you.



Hi Juan

I've sent through a file with the same issue to the above mentioned email address, but have not received any reply.

This request is incredibly urgent and help to get us back on track would be much appreciated.