Help! Process model simulation failed, I don't know where the problem is.

I'm new to Bizagi Process Modeler and I had to do a model of a sales process for my bachelor thesis. The process model isn't very complex but there is some things I don't quite understand. I think that the problem is somewhere in the subprocess "Ugovoriti prodaju" but even after I delete that subprocess the simulation still fails. The problem must be in the BPMN, I would be more than grateful if someone would help and point out the problem to me so I could fix it. I attached a .rar file with .bpm file in it so you could take a look, every process name is written in Croatian so if you have a problem understanding it, please feel free to ask me to explain.

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Dear Josip,

To have more information about simulation you can refer to the following link

In that link you can find the explanation for the simulation process.



Dear Luis,

I come across the same problem as Josip's, and the same model simulation runs well in another computer of my friends We have the same version of BizAgi Modeler.

Besides, I used to try the simulation in my computer a couple of days ago, I think it ran well at that time, I had generated the report and exported as Excel.

I think it might be the program configuration problem?