Have multiple instances of a process inside another process

Hello Community

I Dont know if use a Subprocess, or a call subprocess. I need some help in know how to model the next scenario.

I have a "Main Proces" and inside this process I have different paths to follow, Now, One of those paths I group some tasks in a Subprocess to simplify, this process let's call them "subprocessA". Inside this subprocess I am waiting on the received message of an external entity, so while I am waiting the response, In this subprocess I would like to go back to a previous task, and assign again a different External entity, so it will follow the same path of "subprecessA" but not the same, I need another instance of "SubprocessA" to wait on parallel who response first.

Make sense?

So I dont know what is better to use? a CAll subprocess task? with a multi-instance loop? That will make my multiple instances of the subprocess? or how can i know how to create my multiple instances?

Thank you for the help

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Dear Raciel,

We would like to know if you are talking about Studio (automating your processes) or Modeler (diagram your processes). Please give us further information about Bizagi version.

Regarding your description, it is better to use reusable sub-process according this article: To know how to convert to reusable sub-process, follow this one:

We look forward to hearing from you