File corrupted or invalid (Bizagi Modeler)

I use the bizagi modeler in a virtual machine. I was

working in a project recently and one day suddenly i left the bizagi

process modeler open and for some reason my PC shutdown.When i

restart and tried to open the bpm file which i was working, i

receive a message like: "error loading model: the file is invalid or

corrupt." I know that before the situation (when my PC goes off

suddenly) i did save the file, so i understand that there is no reason

for the file to be corrupt.Is there anyway to recover this file?

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Dear Marcos,

For these situations is very difficult to recover the corrupt file. In order to deal with your request, we require a copy of your BPM file. Please send it to which will be analysed for our team.

This information will be treated as strictly confidential and the file will be deleted once it is no longer needed for support purposes