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Feedback from a new user

Dear Bizagi Team,

here is my feedback from working ~1 week with Bizagi Modeler. In general a handy program that supports well the drawing of processes. i like it such that id like to share what could be improved.


simple to use, i could instantly draw decent diagrams

looks quite good

some really intuitive workflows


performance. This program should run with zero latency on a raspberry pie. This is not 3D GPU stuff but display of most simple vector graphics. according to other threads, latency & low performance seems to be a wider problem of this software. Gets me frustrated very often.

tiny suggestions:

when howering over a Node and suggestions for following nodes appear, add the simple arrow

when exporting to PDF, print the diagram as vector graphic, not as bitmap

accelerate the program loading process, and for the modeler, remove the mandatory sign in

improve lane handling / editing. resizing sometime does not work

when the curser is within some Node text or property description, let CRTL+A elect the whole text instead of the whole diagram

When exporting the same diagram a second time, i always get the error "could not find a part of the path '[...]\NoneStart.png'. only a restart of the program fixes that error.

thanks for this software and keep improving it!


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Dear Christian,

¡Thanks so much for your feedback and your great interest in Bizagi Modeler! You are always welcome to share your ideas and suggestions for us, we really appreciate them. This will be communicated to our product team and they will evaluate the possibility to include those features/improvements in future releases.

Best regards.