Extented Attribute (Combo) width is wide first time but small next access

When I define an extended attribute, type =Single Selection Options (Combo), to a task, the first time i see the combo as wide as the pane it is shown in. The next time (just click on another task) the width changes to very small.

When I re-dock this pane, it is wide again, but selecting another task makes it narrow again.

See screen-shots:

When the property pane, Extented Tab, is "freshly" docked combo is widedd1fb49d030a9f96a0870d3f1ac7ed27: image 1

when I click on Task 1: combo is narrow (image 2)


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Dear Jim,

We're sorry you are experiencing issues with the application. We would like to inform you that we have verified this as a bug and have escalated it to our product team. Thank you for informing us.