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Extended attributes on Custom Artifacts

Whenever I try and add a new Extended Attribute to a Custom Artifact, or re-order existng Extended Attributes, I get this error.


Also, I add a number of attributes, and whilst still in the model, they appear on all new instances of that artifact as expected, and in the correct order. However, when I close the model, and re-open it, some of the attributes are missing, and the order is all changed up.

Please help?

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Dear Lael,

In order to reproduce it in our labs, please tell us the following information:

  • Modeler Version
  • Modeler Architecture (x32/x64)
  • Windows Version

We look forward to hearing from you


Hi Juan,

While I was waiting I exported my attributes, the imported them again. The import completed froze Bizagi, so I wnet into task manager and ended the task. I restarted Bizagi, and everything is working perfectly. So I fixed it by breaking it :).

Just FYI Modeler version is the new 3.1 cloud version. x64 and Windows 7