errors found, are you sure you want to save?

After working on a model for some time I like to save the model, it is usually not finished but I want to save it because it's either time to go home or I want to make sure I don't lose everything in case of power loss or other problems.

So I press the Save model button, again Bizagi is doing all kinds of things that I did not ask for, like a complete validation of my model and a popup asking me if I really want to save this unfinished model since it still contains some error.... WHY? Just save the file please, I promise I'll fix the problem after the meeting, but I really must go now.

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Dear Arjan,

We'll take into account your suggestion and we appreciate it. To complete the information about this idea, could you please a) attach the screenshot of the validation message and b) tell us which Modeler version are you using. Thanks in advance.

Best regards.


Best regards,

Thank you for your standard reply. Did you even read my question? Are you realy asking for the screenshot of an error message that you must have seen yourself about a milion times or can create youself in 2 clicks?

OK, to help you out, please read carefully:

In the file "model.png" you can find a sample moddel that will trigger the errormessage if you press the save button.

In the file "errormessage.png" you can find the screenshot you requested for.

Good luck!