Error "Unable to process the case: Column name or number of supplied values does not match table de

I'm watching a problem

At the end of any process, the error 'Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.'

This happened after I tried to delete the entity through the Expert view and I got a Studio application error. An entity has disappeared from the entity list.

Having opened the dbo.PVCLApp database table, I noticed that it has a column with the name of the deleted entity, after manually deleting it the problem disappeared

Please fix it.

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Dear user,

Can you please show us the error that is happening when you tried to delete the entity from Studio? Due to Bizagi design, many times it is not possible to delete entities if they have dependencies with other components. This to avoid misbehaviors in the application. Then the message that appears is that it could not be deleted due to dependencies and ask for a manual dependencies check. In recent versions (from 11.2.2 and above) there is a logic deletion process that allows this deletion (letting the component in DB) and not showing it in Studio. Mainly used in deployment processes.

By the other hand we do not recommend to delete directly to the DB. Because there are catalog objects tables that are not deleted and it could lead us to problems in Studio or Work Portal.

Kind regards.