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error exporting to excel

Good day,

when trying to export simulation results to excel I am getting prompted "Error exporting to excel. Please verify it is correctly installed."

I have Win10, Bizagi, Excel 2013.

I also tried the combination of Win10 and Excel 2016 - made no difference.

All other requirements (http://help.bizagi.com/process-modeler/en/index.html?system_requirements.htm) were met.

Thank you!

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Dear Stefan,

We would like to know if you have tried our latest version. The system requirement are of our 3.2 version. Please download it from our site.

We look forward to hearing from you


Hello Huan,

thank you for the reply, but we have been able to resolve the problem already.

It turned out that some descriptors in our model contained characters like "/" (and others I don't remember anymore).

This - somehow - lead to the simulation not being able to write the results into excel. Once we removed all of them the export worked immediately.