Element properties not loaded, attributes and validation not working

Hi, I updated to the latest version today, v3.05.63. I cannot see the validation pane when errors come up, but also cannot assigen reources to a task, the pane does not show. I also can't of course write the comments and resposibilities (RACI) bcuase the pane is not available to assign extended attributes. When exporting, the title page, ToC and digaram only export, despite all tasks shwoing in the export dialogue. CAn please assit in resolving these issues, as the modeler is now not a vible solution without these essential features,

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Hi support team, I have now reseoed the issue. I unintsalled the application twice and after the second download and install, I now have all the attributes showing that were missing before. I hope this assists, but I am wondering if this is localised to our IT enivronment? Thaks for your assistance thus far, Rgds Ernst K.