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I would like to use Bizagi as a workflow for developping .Net apps (so only one user involved)

Which is the right edition for me and its price ?

PS : I suggest to support mongodb for data modeling step

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Dear Alexandre,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. MongoDB is not supported yet but it has been suggested before. If there is any progress regarding this idea we will communicate it.

About our plans, please refer to the following URLs for further information. The first one to know how to choose a plan and the second one is about pricing:


According to your description, you should start with the Professional plan, but is better for you to read the two articles to be more informed and take the better choice!

King Regards.


Hello Andres Felipe Martinez Leiva,

Do you mean there are only cloud plans now?

Having a licence on our own own servers is not possible anymore?

I ask this because my processes and related code can't go outside my business for several reasons (privacy, performance, infrastructure choice, risk study...), so can't work in a cloud approach.

Kind Regards


Is there anyone for those questions ?