Does Bizagi use BPMNEdge information from imported document?

I'm importing a BPMN document that contains BPMNShape and BPMNEdge elements, but the sequence flow lines in Bizagi are not the same as in the original tool. I'm trying to determine if there is an error in the BPMN document or if Bizagi does not use the BPMNEdge waypoints.

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Dear Nita,

Bizagi Modeler supports BPMNShape and BPMNEdge, but the type of these elements is according of BPMN 2.0 XSD semantics. So that we requiere a copy of your bpm file to analysed it. Please send it to

This information will be treated as strictly confidential and the file will be deleted once it is no longer necessary for support purposes.

We look forward to hearing from you