Does BizAgi allow the use of a "black box" process in a collaboration diagram?

In a Collaboration diagram, a process interacts with one or more additional processes.

If the flow of these interacting processes is known (=white box), we can represent them with additional pools.

But what if the flow is unknown, or irrelevant to the main process (=black box)?

Cf. the first diagram shown on the following blog page under the heading "Collaboration diagram":

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Dear Patrick,

There is not a way to show like a "black box" element into the modeler, but you can add an activity, a sub-process or even an event to reference what you need. In addition, you can change the color and description of the selected element.




Thanks, Juan. I had been thinking in that direction too, but I had quit my effort after noticing that the modeler does not allow to stretch a task for more than ca. 3 times the length of a standard task box.

In the meantime, I've figured out that unlike tasks, subprocesses can be stretched without limitation (and if you use the Expand option, you don't even notice it's a subprocess box). Just be careful where you apply that expand and stretch step, for the modeler will jost around your other objects to make room and/or align with the new element.

Remains the question how to obtain more connection points on that subprocess element for my message and sequence flow arrows. But I guess that's a different thread.