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Distribute Horizontally / Vertically and canvas behavior


Since i upgraded with 2 new releases, the last being 64bits, features Horizontally / Vertically does not work anymore.

After selecting 2 elements on the canvas, we use one of these features, and it simply does nothing at all.

Also, when we had a sequence flow a little deformed between 2 elements, we usually just add to click on an element and the sequence flow were perfectly modified. This does not work anymore either.


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Dear Alexandre,

The bug for the Horizontally/Vertically features is now fixed. We invite you to download and install our most recent version:

The adjustment issue with the sequence flows is usually related to a resolution problem or bad practices when adding new elements to the model. Which screen resolution is now set on your PC?

Also, refer to this URL for modeling valuable information:

Best regards.


Thank you Andres, i will test that.

About screen resolution, i'm in 4k


Dear Alexandre,

You're welcome! About the resolution, we are working to support 4K screens but, until now, we do not support the UHD definition. So, for now, we advise you to change your monitor resolution. You can test one of the following:




We are looking forward to hearing from you.