Display Activity property in diagram

I would like to add an annotation to the System Task shown on a process diagram to show what system (application) is involved. I've attached an image to illustrate what I mean. In ARIS Express you can do this by using the description attribute of the task to capture a bit of text, and then make that attribute visible in the diagram.

Is there a way to do something similar in Bizagi?

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Dear David,

Regarding your question, you can add also a text description when you click on properties of the task - see at:

When you publish it to any of our ways to generate documentation, you will see the description of the task.



This was not adequately answered. DXB is asking for exactly what I

need, a method to display metadata and the text description. To say this is the method to display the text description does not solve the problem at hand.

In my

case, we are applying metadata activity numbers tied to an external

numbering schema. I would like the ability to display these at the top

left of every activity with the task description in the center of the element

as you describe Juan. I would like these displayed in the middle of each gateway.

We are using other metadata to indicate that a step is non-value-add or value add. I would like that indicator in the lower right.


But there is no way that additional attributes of an Activity can be made visible in the model view itself.