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Direct url to a specific published process problem


I have a problem in using published bizagi processes in html. and it's really annoying.

Publishing diagrams to web create only the index.html (default), which dynamically create views using javascript code.

Opening the index.html, we view the “index.html#list” and we can access the

diagrams by using the code “index.html#diagram/{idDiagram}”.

The problem is that when I do links between diagrams or external links to diagrams, the

page always redirect to the “index.html#list”.

That’s very annoying, because here we use a lot links between diagrams. There is a way to

do direct links to diagrams?

For example: I would like to reference a specific diagram from a published list of diagrams, but it's still redirecting to index.html/#list!!

Please help.


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Dear Ernesto,

We have checked your question and we saw that each exported HTML process has correct links. It is same if you browse into the web page or if you are browsing from out the web page.

Please send us further information about it including some screenshots

We look forward to hearing from you