Diagram extended attributes are not published to web


I have installed the new version of Bizagi

Modeler ( which have a new Web documentation design, to update my

process library. I published a process to web, which have many extended

attributes, and everything was fine, except the diagram extended attributes (Diagram

Properties). As you can see in the prints, the extended attributes do not

appear in the web documentation. In the last version, we can just click in the

process name to see all the attributes. How can I solve this? Is this a known problem?

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Dear Luiz,

Thank you for your sent feedback.

We have seen this issue and will keep you informed of any news and progress towards its solution.

Note that this issue (not being able to access diagram extended attributes in Web) currently happens when the diagram does not contain any Sub-Processes.

Therefore and in the meantime, we clarify that there is a workaround on how you could see this information:

1. When your diagram does not contain any Sub-Process definition, clicking on the diagrams preview (from the home index) will not show its dialog with full detail.

Instead, it will open the diagram directly as this URL:


2. To force this dialog, you may input directly a "dialog/" fragment into the URL (right after the pound sign) so that it is changed to:


In that dialog you will find a "Check attributes" hyperlink to access this information.

Best regards,