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description field not big enough


can you please make the 'description' field on the 'basic' tab of the properties of an element bigger or resizable. today its size is too small to enter any meaningful text.

Also the possibility to expand the window exists and this would be ok if the window were non-modal. Today I can't change the active element on my model when this window is open. I need to close it first, select the next element and reopen the window to enter my comments in the 'description field'

kind regards,


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Dear Werner,

These features are taken as ideas to be included in a future release because currently our product does not include them.

The whole Bizagi BPM Modeler community can vote and discuss them. We want to make sure we solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider most important.




I could not agree more on the proposition.

The actual size is so small that it's not useful at all and we wonder why it's even displayed. I mean a "description" button would not be less useful.

I'm not exaggerating anything, look all the available space not used here https://cl.ly/67ad8b1f72fb which would be so useful for having a full visible description for the selected element, so much time saved and comfort brought !

Kind Regards