Cut and paste error in embedded processes

When cutting and pasting an embedded process Bizagi 2.3 and now 2.4 doesn't copy the detail of the process, that is the subprocesses diagrammed.

This is quite annoying error.



Did you understand me? If you select a subprocess that is not reusable and copy or cut it to other place the diagram of this subprocess is lost.

Don't you think it is quite a big error?


Dear Victor,

Thank you for your feedback.

We will look into this issue and keep you posted.

In the meantime, indeed the current way to copy the Sub-process contents would be to:

1. First copy the Sub-process shape.

2. Edit the pasted Sub-process to visualize its definition.

3. Copy the Sub-process definition.

We would like to request further information about what you wish to do to guide you best (for instance, we kindly recommend you to take a look at the Team Collaboration feature, which allows a working team to collaborate on a same .bpm file).

Best regards,


I cannot believe that six months later and even with a new release of the tool, you haven't solved this problem.