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When connecting two elements of a workflow, or moving elements in the design process to avoid crossover of connectors, the 'route' the connector takes between the two flow shapes isn't always the best. Sometimes it overlaps other lines and shapes and doesn't give the option to create an elbow in the line to 'wrap around' flow shapes. Is there a way to insert elbows into a connector? or manually select the path you wish it to take?

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Dear Darren,

In order to help you to solve this question, we require the following information:

  • Modeler version
  • Screenshots of this problem

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Attached screenshot with version and example of the issue. Excuse the process details as this is a draft and how i prefer to map out with individuals before making sense and finalising.


Issue - Highlighted in the Red box you can see a connector between signoff funding (bottom left) and Signoff achieved (top right|). The connector takes a horizontal path that runs across a process task - "issue Grant Offer Letter" (highlighted with arrow) - before a 90deg left turn to run vertical on the screen before a 90 deg right turn to run horizontal to the gateway called signoff achieved. This connector only offers me one edit point highlighted with a second arrow halfway up the vertical.

My points here are;

1 - the connector should avoid crossing over other process tasks and should go around them.

2 - it would be great to offer multiple edit points to control the exact direction of the connector to get the best layout on screen

3 - it sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't (as in this case) create line jumps when crossing unrelated connectors.

Q1 - how can i better control the path the connector takes?

Q2 - how can i make sure it conforms to standards by having jumps over unrelated connectors (solving Q1 would minimise the requirement for this)


Dear Darren,

Our product team has analysed this issue according the screenshot. We recommend these points:

  1. Change the port connection between "Signoff funding" task and the connector in order to recalculate the route and avoid to pass in front of "issue Grant Offer Letter" task. Doing this and modifying elements ubication, the route works much better.
  2. Select the connector which does not update line jumps in order to update them automatically.

Best Regards