Can't reduce indentation in bullet lists in description field

I was happy to read the

release notes and see that the indentation problem had been solved, but it

seems it's not entirely the case.

I upgraded to the latest

version (v3.2.6.094) and I can no longer reduce the indentation of bullet lists

below their default value of 0,25" (which is quite far from the text IMO).

It's possible to increase it, but any attempt to reduce it to a smaller value

than 0,25" in the 'Paragraph' window, while it seems to work in the text

editor window, is ignored upon closing the text editor. See attached

screenshots for sequence.

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Dear Sebastien,

We have analyse this issue with our product team. We have escalated it in order to be resolve on this 3.2 version. As soon we get news, we will write back.



Great! Thank you for the feedback.


Dear Sebastien,

Regarding this issue, our product team has resolved it and our QA team has tested. Please upgrade to version from:

Best Regards


Issue seems partially fixed in v3.2.7.242.

The indentation ends up staying as set, but only after modifying it twice.


1. Create numbered or bullet list in a task's extended text zone attribute using the advanced editor

2. Add a few values to the list

3, Change the list indentation in the paragraph format window (for example : 0,1"before" and 0,2 inch "first line, negative")

4. Close the editor

> List appears without indentation at all. Re-opening the advanced editor reveals that the list's indentation is set to 0

5. Change back the list indentation in the paragraph format window to the values set at step 3.

> List appears with custom indentation this time.

So, it works, but it's a pain as you always have to format the lists twice for it to work properly.