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Can't reach download page

The download page (for Bizagi Modeler) keeps loading but never appears on screen...

Anyone knows of a mirror site?



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Dear users,

When trying to download Bizagi Modeler again on our official website, please follow these troubleshooting guidelines:

1. Verify that the pop-up windows are allowed. If not, please allow them at least in

2. Click in the 'Bizagi Modeler' button (as shown in the image attached) which is at the bottom of the download site and,

3. Refresh the download page.

If none of these steps worked for you to download the Bizagi Modeler setup file, please let us know to take further action to solve this issue.

Best regards.


Hi, thanks for the response.

Authorizing the popups did not help, but I managed to start downloading from another site: