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Cannot install Bizagi Modeler new version

I had a previous version of Bizagi Modeler (2.7.something) and I downloaded the new version for updating (as the old one kept asking me to do so). However, the new version requires the old one to be uninstalled. I did this using the uninstaller provided in the "Control Panel" (Windows 8.1), but the downloded installer keeps giving the following error message: Failed to uninstal previous version... Tried to remove the folders and registry entries but nothing helped out. Tried several "Register Cleaner" products, including the one recommended here at this forum (cccleaner). Any help?

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Dear Ricardo,

Regarding this issue, please upgrade your .NET Framework according this link:

Please try again after restart the computer. It is recommend to restart the machine after uninstall a program.

We look forward to hearing from you