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Cannot clone or create new version of a process in Bizagi Management

Hi. I work in a company that has version 9.2 of Bizagi. Whenever I want to clone or create a new version of a process, I get this error:


Regarding the attributes, I added an attribute for the sake of the error but I still get that error in return.

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Dear Amin,

If you have 9.2 version, then you probably has a license. Please create a ticket with this issue.

Regarding your posted comments on the forum: please note that this forum is for dealing specifically with the Bizagi Process Modeler and its features - including questions and/or bugs, and client’s suggested ideas or positive comments.

We fully appreciate feedback. However, we would like to ask you if you could share your posts on the Bizagi BPM Suite forum (on http://feedback.bizagi.com/suite/en/), where it can be viewed and treated by the whole BPM Suite community and its experts.

This posted topic will now be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.