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Can you help me with the calendar analysis? I made a process model, assigned tasks time and resources and decided to go to the calendar analysis. Do I understand correctly that performing a simulation of the process in the "Resource Analysis" mode means continuous working time (24x7)? If so, then the total time to complete the process is 37d 16h 47m 30s for 9 tokens. When I turn to calendar analysis, I make the working day equal to 8 hours (the start time is 8 AM) and the five-day working week (from Monday to Friday). Next, I assign a calendar to each resource and run the simulation. We get the total process execution time (for 9 tokens) is 45d 21h 26m 30s. It would seem that everything is logical, but if, for example, I make not a five-day working week, but a one-day (only on Mondays), we get the total process execution time (for 9 tokens) is 42d 4h 9m 8s although, in fact, we should have had a strong increase in time, not a slight decrease.

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Alexander Lapin.

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Dear Alexander,

Where are you defining those working-time schemas? Are you considering both Wait time and Processing time for Time Analysis level? Please share with us your model bpm file (if it is possible) and also a screenshot for your calendar configuration so we can replicate the simulation.

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Helo Andres, I also have a question regarding calendar simulation.

Can you please check it out?