Browser-based Process Modeler

Browser-based Process Modeler

Hello Bizagi Team.

Bizagi Process Modeler is by far the best software out there for making great looking diagrams with a complete set of notation symbols. Also would like to congratulate Bizagi for making BPMN 2.0 xml import/export feature available in its latest release.

Although all of this works great on Windows, the world is changing to a Post-PC era.

We now use smartphones, tablets and browsers more than ever before. At our company we use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS … we even have a Chromebook!

I’ve been using a web-based BPM Process Modeler from IBM called Blueworks Live and let me just say that even when it has some great upsides, the big downside is that diagrams lack the aesthetics and business presentation that Bizagi is so great at.

Please Bizagi, please make a browser-based Modeler.

I would gladly pay for a subscription if a Bizagi browser based modeler could beat the actual one.

Thank you very much.

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How is the consideration going? Is this still on the agenda? I hope so, because works, but in January 2020 I see a lot of possible improvements.


Dear Users,

Thanks for your important feedback on this topic. We're glad to inform you that this requirement is one of the top ones in our roadmap. Once this is official, we will inform the community through our official Product Release Notes at

Best regards!