Blank login screen and no Visio import possible with MSI installation


i mentioned a problem concerning Installation by use of an msi package in older as well as the actual 3.6 Version.

First of all, the Installation with the normal Setup.exe runs fine and application works as expected.

But we use SCCM here and so i used Setup.exe -a to create an msi file and distributed it to my Clients with ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 /qn /norestart.

This Installation does not work well. The login screen is always blank, it is not possible to login, but it possible to close the screen.

Now on the Modeler, i try to use the Visio Import, but when i click on the button Nothing happens.

How to fix this issue?

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I fixed the problem yesterday:

First of all i recreated the msi file by use of /v"/a instead of -a. (Both possibilites are mentioned in either your documentation or here in the help forum. Maybe you want to clearify this?)

Secondly as destination i used the path of our SCCM server (example: \\\apps\bizagi\3.6\). Usually i just use a directory on my C:\ drive to create the installation package and copy it on the server later, which never caused problems in the past.

The new msi file has exactly the same size as the old one, but one of these changes made the difference and the installation works now as expected.

I will be happy if you share this Information in the help forum, maybe more people are facing the same issue.


Dear user,

Thanks so much for your feedback on this issue.