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Blank Login Page


I installed the version 3.6.0044 on a PC running Windows 8.1 and when I started the Bizagi Modeler, the login page was blank.

I already have tried to allow the Bizagi URLs in the Firewall and I put the URLs in the Trusted sites but without success.

The computer is running the Windows 8.1.

Thank you

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Dear Stalyn,

The problem is usually related to the Firewall configuration, but given that you have already verified this, please bear in mind the following for troubleshooting:

1. Verify if your connection is under a proxy.

2. What happens if you close the Login window and launch it again? Please perform this little step two or three times. No more. Let us know if the problem persists.

3. How many times have you tried re-installing Bizagi Modeler?

Best regards.


Hi Felipe

Thank you for your reply. However, I had already verified the connection settings (firewall, Windows firewall, proxy, etc).

When I close the Login Window and launch it again occours the same behauvor.

I have tried re-installing the Application three times.


Dear Stalyn,

We are very sorry that you are experiencing this issue with our product. We are working very hard to solve this problem. In this process, we've discovered that the issue has more causes than the previous one that I stated before. We want you to know that solving this issue is our main focus for our next Bizagi Modeler version 3.7

In this version, for the very few cases that we expect the problem is not solved, we will prompt better error messages to perform a more accurate troubleshooting process.

Best regards!