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Bizagi Taking over 50% CPU

Hi, we have a number of users using Bizagi without any issues, but we have 1 user using a DEl Latiude D830 with 2GB of ram, and everytime they use it, the CPU used is over 50% and kills the rest of the machine.Is there anything we can do to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Dear Alan,

Thank you for your feedback.

You will be contacted by our support team.

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50% would be... "nice".

I have a lot more memory (8 GB on an Intel i5 CPU machine) and, for whatever reasons, Bizagi started all of a sudden to consume 90-100% of both CPU and Memory, in 3 background processes that I have no idea what they've been doing for the last 15-minutes or so (all I have open in Bizagi is a blank/default diagram with one empty process). The CPU and Memory utilization stays at close to 100% constantly, even though I'm not doing anything in Bizagi.

By the way, all I have installed is the Modeler, so no engine processing should be going on.

Any clue what could be going on?Thanks,Razvan:-)


Dear Razvan,

We would like to know what version of Bizagi Modeler you have installed. In addition, how many tabs (processes and sub-processes) you have in your model.

Thank you in advance