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Bizagi Process Modeler does not work anymore

Dear Sir or


we installed the Bizagi Modeler, version It works with an administrator account. With a

limited user account, there appears after about one minute "Bizagi Process

Modeler does not work anymore". The message states that a problem prevents

this, but without more specific information about the problem. We are

apparently not the first to have this problem:

-> With

the Administrator, who installs the Application, it works perfectly.

-> With

a different User (not Administrator) who is logged in on this Computer, the

Start of Bizagi Modeler Fails. Siehe please attached: "Bizagi Process

Modeler funktioniert nicht mehr" --> It means: “Bizagi Process Modeler

will not work anymore"

Is there an

issue with User-Rights?

Please see

attached the error-Message"

Could you help us?

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Dear Igor,

Regarding this issue, the user who runs the application should have certain rights to some folders, especially temporal files. Please give us further information about the message that you get.

We look forward to hearing from you


Dear Juan,

thank you for the answer. I attached a screenshot of the message (in German).

It says "Bizagi Process Modeler does not work anymore

A problem has prevented the correct execution of this program. Close the


However, the message does not appear anymore and the Modeler works. I don't

know why, and whether it will appear in the future. Probably, Tajinder Birk


found out the explanation. I am not familiar with updates, .config and other






Dear Igor,

Thank you for your feedback. Please proceed to reinstall your .NET Framework from After this, try again.

If the problem continues, try installing our latest 32 Bit 3.1 version from

We look forward to hearing from you