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BizAgi Modeler: Strange behaviors after upgraded to version to (64bits)

Hi team !

I don't know why but after the previous version was upgraded to mentioned version, the BizAgi Modeler has presenting very strange behaviors:

- Some times, the contents (name or descriptions) of a element has not being refreshing automatically after changes are applied in these content;

- When types of intermediate event or gateway is changed in a model, it has not being refreshing automatically its interface/type: Message Event to Error or Signal or Link event;

- Some times when select a TAB (diagram) of a model.... it suddenly duplicates/triplicates all opened tabs;

- Some times the window get blacked.

- Zoon in and Zoon out is taking unusual time to rendering the window.

In all those cases, I have to minimize and maximize the modeler.... or I have to close and open the tab (diagram)... or move/scroll the windows side to side.

Windows 10 (original and updated), 64bit, Intel Core, i5-6200U, CPU 2.4g GHZ, 8GB RAM.

I simply installed this version over the previous one.

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Dear Marco,

Our product team has resolved some many performance issues in our latest version Please proceed to download it from: and upgrade your current version.

Please let us the result.

We look forward to hearing from you


Hi Juan !!!

The version was upgraded with the release you shared ... I performed some testings and seems that "strange behaviors" were fixed and performance was improved.

If anything else appear, I'll let you know !!

Rgds, M