Bizagi Modeler Responsivess is Slow


I'm using Bizagi Modeler, after a while of work it starts to lag, sometimes I have to wait for minutes until it completes an action, even simple actions as move an item. At the moment, I'm using the free license to test its features, my company has interest on buying it depending on my evaluation, so I need to know if this problem is common and how can I solve it.

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Dear Lorena,

This issue has been resolved in a newer version. Please proceed to upgrade your current version to from

Best regards


Dear, Juan.

I'm using the version, it's a lot better but when I change from a diagram tab to another one it still takes a time to proceed. Also, after I upgraded the software and reboot the computer, the software didn't open. I checked at Windows Task Manager and the Modeler starting process was killed after few seconds. I had to reinstall the software. The same thing happened when another co-worker upgraded Modeler.