Bizagi Modeler is working extremely laggy

I'm using Bizagi Modeler in a Lenovo T470 with windows 10 but it's extremely laggy, creating and moving tasks even for really small models take some seconds. it's really anoying.

Currently i have the version - 64 bits.

CPU and RAM usage are not high, the laptop has 16GB RAM.

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Dear Alvaro,

We’re sorry you are experience a delay when using our application. We’d like to invite you to download the latest version of our modeler which has a lot of performance improvements and should eliminate the lag that you are experiencing.

Latest Bizagi Modeler version:

After upgrading, if you still experience lagging in the application please let us know so we can further investigate.

Kind Regards


although I have the latest version, I re-downloaded the software and did a "repair". It appears to have fixed the "laggy" experience a bit. I do still experience those lags from time to time. Please do something about it. I love bizagi modeler but the laggy experience takes the fun out of modeling!


Dear All,

Although you have a fast machine with excellent technical characteristics, you may experience these performance and visualization problems because you are using a 4K monitor or maybe the resolution of your screen is not appropriate for Bizagi Modeler.

Please verify your screen resolution and change until you find the one which accomplishes the expected behavior. Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.