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Bizagi Modeler 3.3: Delete Diagram

Since upgrading to Modeler 3.3 it seems that deleting a diagram is broken. The "Delete" menu item is no longer available in the context menu that opens when right-clicking a diagrams tab header. And I didn't find any other way to delete diagrams. Maybe I'm just blind, but I think it's actually a bug.

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Dear Lukas,

Please refer to, there you will find another post with similar

issues with a solution already provided.

Kind Regards.


Hi Andres,

also thanks for guiding me here from the alternative topic with the same problem.

Now I have the same problem as Richard. The message is "Sorry, but your email address was not found in the directory."

Best regards



1 year ago and still they did not solve the problem. Definally a horrible program...


Dear users,

This option is now working fine.

Important information: we cannot solve this problem in the specific version 3.3. because when we apply adjustments to our product, those adjustments came within the new version.

We ask you to attach a screenshot or video so we can see why this option is not displayed. Please bear in mind that the option to remove is enabled only when having multiple diagrams and tabs and only for non-cloud models. We have already received complaints about this functionality where the user does not have this option for a model with a single diagram (Tab).