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bizagi is running extreamly slow - thread locked without real solution

We have tried to draw simple workflows, about 10 process steps on a page, one drawing at a time.

Machines: Core i7 Gen 10 16 GB RAM, SSD, Core i7 Gen 7 8 GB ram, resolution 1920x1080 ...

You have to wait t be able to place new process steps, you have to wait for renaming process steps.

This should be rather simple tasks ... no automation just drawing.

Sorry to write this, but this is an old problem of Bizagi modeler, you should look for the problem in the core of the system.

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Bom dia,

Estou tendo o mesmo problema com essa versão. Impossível desenvolver o trabalho.


Olá Raquel Lamas, bom dia.

Estava cm a mesma situação que a sua.

Resolvi fazendo um downgrade de versão. Baixei e instalei a versão (11/10/2019).

Mesmo sendo uma versão anterior, estou conseguindo trabalhar sem travamento.

Segue link que utilizei:

Espero que dê certo.




Dear Pablo,

We're accepting your message because your feedback is very important to us and also because we already have this issue in our target and we can merge this content with another one. But, we recommend you to use the forum in Spanish for future topics because the purpose of this community site is the discussion of modeler issues in English.

Community site in Spanish:



Okay, but is there an answer to that question?

Is slowness a chronic problem and you just can't solve it?

Because in all topics there is always an excuse: "old version", "4K monitor", "topic open in the English forum, open one in the Spanish forum".

Is this Bizagi's support? Is that all you can answer? I read topics from 2018 to 2020 and in none of you respond, at least let them know that you are serious about the slowness problem and that you are really working on it please.


Dear Bizagi Users,

The Bizagi Development and Engineering team works very hard to achieve improvements and bug fixes with every new version released. Performance issues are one of our most important targets if not the most important one. Nevertheless, sometimes our users may experience a slow response when working with Bizagi Modeler. It can be complex to solve all the problems at a time, we are endlessly working to apply important changes attempting to have a better product performance for all our users with no exception.

There is no lack of seriousness in the answers we gave. Updating to the most recent version can solve compatibility problems. 4K monitors need more development to be 100% supported. In addition, we recommend the use of the forum in the correct language to avoid mixing information because this language mixing is no good for community users nor for moderators.

Best regards.