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We work in a bilingual work environment and therefore it's essential to have process models and documentation in the 2 languages, Dutch and French.

Is it possible in Bizagi Modeler to create/design a model in 1 language and have an automatic creation of the same model in the other language, e.g. by importing the translation of the used activities, gateways, attributes, ... so that employees can consult the model in their own language? Or do we need to create the model twice, one for each language (= double work)?

Due to circumstances we don't have Bizagi Studio (yet).

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Dear Annelies,

Regarding your question, Bizagi Modeler does not have this feature. We invite you to use our feedback platform on the ideas space to post your request. For this application, you need to have one file for each language. However, Bizagi Studio supports multi-language:

Multi-language support in Bizagi considers also the possibility of having separate profiles for users in the different geographical regions (localization).

Often in large enterprises, i.e those having branch offices in different countries, you could have multiple users spread all around the globe while using a same given set of processes.