Between pools event messages.

The process starts in pool 1 and sends a manual email to pool 2 (that's when the process starts in pool 2), should I use "message start" or "message event" as the received message in pool 2?

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Dear Neymar,

More than one pool in a diagram represents interaction between separated business entities or performers.

Many business processes require interaction between each other to be correctly performed and accomplished. In BPMN these interactions are defined as a sequence of activities that represent message exchange patterns between the entities involved. In BPMN this behavior is know as Collaboration.

The following article explains how to create a collaboration between two o more pools according your business needs:

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Thanks Juan, very helpful! It confirms that I should use "message start event" when the other pool depends on a communication in order to start a process, and I shouldn't use "intermediate message event" to start or end the pool process.