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Basic process description question - series of decision points?

I have a process that involves a series of decisions and yes/no actions. I have this laid out as the attached snapshot shows, and Validation errors with "A gateway should be used to either split apart the flow or to merge together, both behaviors in the same gateway are not supported."

How should I lay this out differently to avoid this issue?


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Dear Amy,

Regarding BPMN standard, do not use gateways to join and split at the same time:


For further information:

Best Regards


Sorry, but this is not answered at all..

Question was, how will she avoid this issue (in the image she uploaded).

What should the second gateway "equation" be..

Bizagi's official definition of Exclusive gateway:

Exclusive Gateway (Decision) - Locations within a business process where the Sequence flow can take two or more alternative paths. This is basically the "Fork in the road" for process.

How is this logical to use exclusive gateway in such process?

What should gate properties be?

Here it says:

- Do not use gateways to join and split at the same time. This will produce an error at Run-time.

This is NOT a reason in modelling a business process. It's Bizagi application BUG that has not found a fix for YEARS!

IF this is not a bug, get the Bizagi out and show on her example HOW to avoid it, instead of pasting boxes without any actual logic in them.


New user here, with the same error message as the original poster.

I have to agree with Valter Läll here, Just pasting boxes without the logic is very counter-intuitive and only yields in clutter and questions during model presentation. (isn't that what this program is all about, presentation to peers?)

So I call it as I see it and kindly ask you to un-mark this question as solved/answered and please fix this bug.