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Automatic numbering of objects (e.g. tasks)


Is it possible to automatic number the objects on the diagrams and show these numbers in the Word documents which can be generated?

I find it cumbersome in the Word document to look for a corresponding description

coming from the diagram.Thank you for your support...


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Hello everyone.

First of all thank you very much for your time and sharing ideas with us.

We have acknowledge this request and will be working on that for a future release.

Right now we are working hard in a major release and this has been delaying ideas, as it has been set as our priority.

As soon as this functionality is scheduled to be released, this thread will be updated.


PJ Brady wrote:

Further to this idea, is it possible to apply a numbering scheme such as APQC PCF? Also, a custom numbering capability similar to ITP Process Modeler?
I have been looking at using a custom attributes to store things like the APQC PCF reference and code as well as an internal reference. Has anyone tried this approach?

Still automatic numbering would be very useful within a process diagram, plus then possibly across all diagrams in a file - however I suspect this could be a lot harder.


Any updates on that? It would be very useful for communication with customers, it's easier to talk about numbered shapes, especially tasks. iGrafx has it.

Thanks, Ewa