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Automatic numbering of modelled processes possible?

Is Is it possible to generate automatic numbers for the the modelled processes? (3 years ago it was under consideration). What is the status for 2019?

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Dear Bettina,

Can you please clarify if your idea is to have automatic numbering of modeled processes or automatic numbering of objects/elements/tasks within the processes (http://feedback.bizagi.com/en/topic/automatic-numbering-of-objects-eg-tasks-on-diagram)? Thanks.

As soon we have an answer from you, we will continue our discussion about this topic.

Best regards!


Dear Andres,

the request is from a Bizagi prospect. They use BizAgi PM (process modeler?) for long.

She wants to get an automatic number for the icons (Gateways, actions etc.) used in their process pictures.

At the moment they do it manually in the word document - that takes too much time.


Hi Andres,

I would also add that numbering only Tasks will be good enough....I was asking some time ago about that feature, and still don't see any progress. Can you tell us at least if you consider that, especially so many people are asking all over again. It makes so much easier to work with teams, when you discuss the process changes. It will make process designing more efficient. It's just for communication purposes.

Check iGrafx materials for reference.

Thanks, Ewa


I was requesting the same some time ago (http://feedback.bizagi.com/en/topic/can-you-add-shapes-numbers). I would like to generate numbers at least for Tasks. It will definitely improve process analyst vs users communication. Please check the screenshot from iGrafx.

Can you please let us know if you will consider this feature for new Bizagi releases.




Dear Ewa,

This whole idea will be communicated to our product team. They will update the status of this post based on the considerations reasons for the same.

Kind regards.