Attached file in artefact not available in weboutput

Bizagi version a diagram I added an artefact ('pdf version') with the property 'Presentation action'- Open file-Attach file-pointer to a pdf file in an underlying subdir called 'pdf'.

After 'publishing to Web' the web output is presented. However when clicking on the blue icon of the artefact the result is 'file not found'. The link behind points to a temp dir in my user account subdirectories. So the file has not been attached! Nor is there a relative link to the pdf file in the weboutput subdirecties.

This feature is important for the end-user to be able to reach underlying documents.

Is this a bug or how come?

It can be reproduced.

I attach a subdir with the bpm and the pdf subdir, as well as a subdir with the generated weboutput.

Sorry for this next issue, however I like Bizagi a lot.

best regards, Carel

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Dear Carel,

The best way to do it is through an extended attribute. There is one attribute called File Embedded. Please follow the attached files to solve it.