Arrows will not connected

I am using version

I have constant problems getting the arrows or sequence flow connector to connect to a new task activity or gateway as you can see in the attached file.

It is furthermore a problem if I comstumize the sequence flow connectors that will not automaticly connect and save the file (or make a print) it will reconnect or smash the setup I have done and I have to start all over and use a snipping tool to get/keep the right picture/setup.

Hope you can help me out

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Dear Ole,

We are verry sorry to know that you are experiencings this inconvenients with our product. Nevertheless we are here to help you finding some solutions and proposing another way to design your models. Please refer to the article below, it is useful to visit it again and again to put in practice more and more of the advices stated there.

We recommend to upgrade to modeler version 3.6 if it is possible (at Punctually, about the problem, we advise to "not drag and drop the sequence flows" but, use the buttons of a diagram element to go to/create another diagram element as shown in the screenshot attached.

We hope this info might be useful for you and we also look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.