Annotation box will not allow more than 100 characters

Previously I was able to fit more than 100 characters in the annotation text box. Now it is limiting it to 100 characters. Is there a way to allow more?

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Dear Sarah,

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the configuration for the size of the text. There is a limit of 100 as you are saying. We'll share this is as an idea to know at least why this has been reduced. Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.


I have been working in Bizagi Modeler and have created several maps using both the task boxes and the annotations boxes. Due to the changes in the the version text limitations, I am not able to make any changes on the older maps or I will loose text from those boxes where the character count is greater than 100. The greater number of characters was allowed in previous versions. PLEASE, increase the character count to the higher number. This restriction is causing an awful large amount of rework.

Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to not having to rework my maps.


Hello Andres,

Is there any feedback on this? Limitation on characters is proving to be a huge problem.