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Allowing lanes in sub processes

This is a repeat of a previously submitted idea below which was not properly fulfilled but categorise as completed.


Basically, there is a need to allow for swim lanes to be drawn in sub processes as highlighted by many users. Changing them into reusable process just to do this is not the correct solution.

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Dear Yong,

We always do our best to listen to our community and consider all the ideas/suggestions. Nevertheless, not all of them may be included due to many reasons (i.e., priority, design principles, performance, evaluation time, etc).

About the "Completed" status of the suggestion, please bear in mind that it is an old topic that was considered as "Completed" in a certain time where the lanes were included but now another changes have been released. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this process of communicating ideas.

Best regards.


Hi Andres,

Understand. We are currently doing a company wide process mapping and have made Bizagi a top choice for the company use. However, this limitation is quite serious and may cause us to need to switch gear.

As I have mentioned in my comment the older track, the previous solution was to change the processes to "Reusable" in order to allow for swim lanes. This is not a viable solution because it will mess up the publishing feature of the tool since the hierarchy of processes will not be there if we change them to "Reusable".

We do need to have a solution on this soon since we are intending to launch the company wide usage shortly and we cannot have a tool with such limitation.

Appreciate if you can assist in facilitating this soonest possible.