After installing it, i can't start the modeler. Instead of starting, it hangs up...

After installing the Modeller (x64, actual version, downloaded three days ago), i restartet ma Computer (Win 10 pro). Then i tried to mstart it. It takes a very long time, then i saw the Starting-grafic. And later, i see the user inteface. Then, there appears another window, a bit smaller, with a white surface. Thats all. It doesn't do anything further. The only way to stop this, ist to thop the whole application with the task manager, or to restart the computer.

What can i do to create a usable version of the modeller?

Thanks a lot.

Greetings from cuxhaven/germany: Kay-Uwe

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Dear Kay-Uwe,

We have release a new version: 3.2 of Bizagi Modeler. Please download it and install it. It should work without any problem.

Please let us know if you require further help.