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Advice on how to start BPMN in my company.

I would like to know how others have started to model their Company. Is it advised to have one BPM file per Department and then link from a central BPM or put all the Departments and Processes in one BPM File?


I think it depends on what you need to do. In Bizagi you have projects which is probably nearest to a 'file' in your question.

Different projects in Bizagi are completely independent even down to being a seperate web site, the URL has the project name in. As each is independent then all the users have to be created and maintained seperately in each project, this might be what you want, with each depeartment having separate web site and a seperate set of users.

I would think that most business processes would involve more than one department though and if you had seperate projects, users would have logins to different Bizagi projects depending on what process they were dealing with. This approach I believe would become unworkable very quickly.

In Bizagi you can have one project, the processes can be organised by department (Apps) and restrictions can be put into place as to who can see or start processes. You would then have one project/web site and one set of users to maintain.